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Hail and Wind Storms: How to Prepare and Repair Your Roof

Hail and Wind storms are sadly a fact of life if you live in the midwest, just like hurricanes are standard fare weather for the east and gulf coasts. It’s true that you never know what the weather will hold, but there are some things you can do to prepare, which can minimize the damage to your property.

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Installation Makes the Roof. Hire a Pro.

When you decided to replace your roof what do you think matters most? Most would say the material, color, and style. Yes, that all makes a difference, but the installation will make or break a roof. Labor makes up around sixty percent of the cost of your new roof, so how do you get your money’s worth? You hire a trusted, qualified professional roofing contractor who uses only trained installation crews and quality materials.

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Go Green with a Metal Roofing System

If you’ve wind turbines spinning in the field, passed a Tesla on the road, or noticed solar panels on someone’s home, then you know our society is choosing to go “green”. As more environmentally-friendly options become available to the public, more people are adopting it in their lives.  Although you might not think a roof or roofing material could be friendly to the environment, metal roofs are, which is why a lot of commercial and residential properties are now choosing metal replacement roofs.

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